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Strategic Cooperation Between Doopro and Qualcomm/BAK

As smart technology come into everyone’s daily life, people find more desire on the performance and power on smartphone. Doopro Mobile was born in 2016 end by understanding this wish. Doopro devote to creating ultra-affordable fashion mobiles worldwide.


High performance-price ratio is the first factor to choose a mobile phone. As the leader in processor industry, Qualcomm is definitely to be the No.1 choice for all consumers. Doopro Mobile integrate the resources and make a strategic cooperation with Qualcomm Branch in ShangHai UniScope. In the future products lines, Doopro will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset in all 4G series mobiles while listing ultra-affordable price. People would have a better choice enjoying first-class performance with deeply customized doopro UI and optimized Android OS. No matter you’d like to play games or refresh facebook, twitter status, it could response instantly.


Besides of the performance-price ratio, people concern safety more. Especially after Samsung Note 7 explosion in 2016, everyone notice quality and safety deserve more attention. BAK is top-rated mobile battery cell. Doopro cooperates with BAK deeply and builds professional battery R&D team. We customized big capacity cell specially for doopro mobile. Improved in battery cycle life and safety performance, doopro mobile provide a best solution for all power heavy user.


Insisting in Qualcomm high performance and BAK big safe battery, Doopro would like to creat remarkable hardware, software and service. Let everyone enjoy the high quality technology from Doopro Mobile.

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